How to divorce a jerk

It’s not easy to circumnavigate marriage to a jerk and it certainly isn’t easy to circumnavigate divorce from a jerk. A jerk can be male or female. A jerk is someone who is unreasonable for no reason, nasty with no justification, disloyal, under-handed, two-faced, dishonest, indiscreet, manipulative, conniving, and boorish.
These types (and their lawyers) can make the divorce process even more unpalatable than it already is. But there are ways around their sour attitude and bile.  First of all, be proactive. Always stay one step ahead of this person. Anticipate and predict what they will do (and you should have some idea because you spent some time being married to this person) and have strategies ready to handle any hiccups they burp up.
Expect the unexpected. Be prepared. Take the time before you even file for the divorce working on gathering as much evidence and information as you can, and solidifying your base and your team.
If the jerk is violent on top of all his/her other faults, plan on seeking an order of protection if necessary during the pendency of the divorce. Plan to ask for “exclusive occupancy” of the marital residence if there is only one residence.
Just because you are married to a jerk doesn’t mean you have to mimic this person’s behavior. You can take the high ground and it is easier to do that if you are not flummoxed and frustrated. To avoid these emotions, be prepared. Be a few steps ahead. Act offensively, not defensively. Keep the other person on the defensive. Control yourself and your temper and don’t let your buttons be pushed.
Believe me, the jerk will eventually realize he or she is outmatched. But by the time they get clued in, you’re almost at home base as far as getting exactly what you wanted in the divorce.