Should a wife "honey-trap" her hubby to prove "grounds"?

They say all is fair in love and war. But is it appropriate to set honey traps for dear husband? It depends. I mean, you want a divorce and you live in a “fault” state like New York. You know your husband is not going to agree to the divorce for any number of reasons. But you are over him. Among other things, you can’t stand the way his fat body slaps against yours when you make love. On top of that, he snores like a hog. And you can’t take another night of it. Besides, he’s a philanderer.¬† And he expects you to accept it and carry on business as usual. Well, you know what? You did it for as long as you are prepared to do it. Now, you want out. Bad economy or no bad economy. You don’t care anymore. What do you do?
Well, in New York, you need grounds for a divorce. So, what ground can you use? Did he move out of the house? Probably not and he’s not going to based on what you just told me. So you can’t claim abandonment. Did he stop¬†“giving you ‘consortium’ privileges” Doesn’t sound like it because you made reference to the flapping flesh against your delicate skin. So you can’t claim constructive abandonment. Is he treating you cruelly? Possibly. Cheating could be perceived as a form of cruelty. But you will have to prove he is cheating. Do you have proof?
There are a few other grounds in New York. Imprisonment is one. You would have to show he is imprisoned for 3 years or more. It doesn’t like that would work under this scenario. You could get him to sign a separation agreement. But it sounds like you’re saying he doesn’t want a divorce and he may not want a separation either. So, your last bet is to file a separation petition and go before a judge and see if the judge will agree.
Absent that, you are probably going to have to “honey-trap” the %$^tard. That is going to mean hiring a hot, young little thing to seduce him the way those women over in Japan do when they want out of a loveless marriage. The literally set up their dear husbands with 20 year old college girls. The girl is a poseur, of course. She is not remotely interested in him. She is usually more than half his age and is only doing the deed as a way of making extra cash. While she is busy seducing him, some other folks are a few feet away taking the pics of him kissing her and otherwise making a fool of himself.
At the end of the little tete a tete, you have your proof for adultery and/or cruelty and you can file your divorce papers and get out of the marriage if that is what you really want to do.
Fait accompli!