Was it your (the wife's) ah hem "addiction" that led to the breakdown of your marriage?

This is novel. Usually when you hear of a spouse having a (I’ve been told I can’t use the word because it gets picked up by “bots”) but it begins with s and it ends with x) “addiction,” it is usually the husband. Literally, in all my born days, I don’t know of a single woman who has ever copped to having an “addiction.” I’m sure there are some, but I have not come into contact with such a person. I would imagine a woman would be too ashamed. I mean, Halle Berry’s husband had it. So, reportedly did former President Bill Clinton.  And David Duchovny, and a slew of other movie and political stars. But all the perpetrators are men.
So, I was wondering, whether it ever happens that a woman is so addicted to (the deed) that it ruins her marriage and drives her poor beleagured husband to seek a divorce? That would be scandalous I would think. I mean recent studies have shown that up to 40% of women feel no sexual interest or satisfaction and they could care less if they ever indulged in the activity again. Many wives see it as a duty to their husbands. So this would be a really salacious story if the wife were the one to have this problem and be totally too much for her poor hubby to handle. Wouldn’t you concur?
Any form of addiction can lead to the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage, I would imagine. I would imagine that a wife in this predicament would need additional suitors and so there would probably be some cheating going on. Certainly if it was not actually going on, she would be bound to be conducting some form of mental gymnastics that, pursuant to Judeo-Christian dogma would be tantamount to adultery.
I think this type of addiction would or could lead to constructive abandonment. Or adultery of course, or a claim of cruelty against a spouse. But the marriage may be salvageable if the wife seeks help and gets therapy. There are reportedly all these clinics that cater to these types of patients.
But if all else fails, a divorce is probably looming and both parties should probably retain counsel and start to put together their exit strategy.
Boy. Who knew?