Wondering what will happen to those "tapes" you and your husband made now that you're divorcing?

I am not going to preach, but going forward, I hope you will not be naive enough to do something as stupid as willingly and knowingly make sex “tapes” with anyone – assuming it’s not your job – and expect that it will forever stay between the two of you. It boggles my mind how many people insist on making these tapes even if within the confines of marriage, when, in this day and age, more than half of the marriages end in divorce and we are living in the Technological Age. I mean, Paris was young and dumb to get herself in that situation. What’s your excuse? Especially after Paris and her progeny (like the Kardashian girl, for instance?)? What? Marriage? Oh, I”m just shaking my head in despair at the moment…
But it is not for me to understand. The question is what do you do now that you’re getting divorced and he has all the tapes and you are afraid you will end up on the Internet like Paris Hilton (no pun intended). This is a problem and a worry. You are going to immediately, upon filing for the divorce, make motion to compel your husband to produce these tapes to the court. These tapes and every and all copies should be destroyed – if that is what you want. Or, your attorney may choose to subpoena the tapes from him as well if he is refusing to voluntarily hand them over.
But wait. Maybe you don’t want the tapes destroyed. Maybe you actually want to keep the tapes for yourself? That is entirely possible. Well, if your husband also wants the tapes you are probably going to have a hearing before the judge about it, and the judge will likely determine who will get “custody of the tapes.”
What if your husband has already released the tape on the Internet? Well, you gotta problem, Houston. You can’t pull something like that back. I would sue him. For invasion of privacy. Or something.