Did your spouse trick you into marriage by saying he wanted kids?

Who was it? I think it  was Renee Zellweger who ended a very brief marriage to Kenny Chesney by obtaining an annulment a few years back. There was all this speculation about why they ended the marriage so quickly and abruptly. One theory was that he did not want to have children.
In New York, you can get an annulment if your spouse said he that he or she wanted children when in fact, they did not want children. Well, it is a bit more complicated than that. If your spouse tricked you into marriage under false pretenses such as he wants children when in fact he can’t stand kids and wants nothing to do with them – not even his own – then you have a case of fraud. But fraud if very difficult to prove. It is based on misrepresentation, scienter, reliance, and change of position.
You have to prove each of those elements to obtain a annulment – if your spouse contests the annulment. And you have to show you did not condone the fraud by continuing to live with your spouse and having sex with your spouse after you discovered you were misled.
Normally, you also need a third party who can “corroborate” the fraud prior to the marriage taking place. So someone else must have first hand knowledge of your husband saying he wants kids and that it was the basis for you marrying him. Sounds easy? It’s not.
A lot of annulment cases get thrown out because they cannot prove fraud with sufficient “particularity” to satisfy the court.
I guess Renee was able to prove it. Cause she got her annulment in a New York minute.