When rich people refuse to get prenups it can come back bite them in the tush. Ask Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s brother Robert is getting divorced from the socialite Blaine Trump. But get a load of this: The brother of the Prenup maestro does not, himself, have a prenup! I was just reading in Page Six of the Post that Donald is very angry with Robert for being so stupid. But, apparently, Donald is worried about more than just the prenup. It seems Robert has chosen the same lawyer who repped Ivana when she divorced Donald. The lawyer, Robert Cohen, tried really hard to set aside Donald’s prenup. But he failed miserably and histrionically.  So Donald is apparently really worried about Robert, about him not being in, I guess, “competent hands.”  Can you imagine what would have happened if the court allowed litigants to “impute” income to their spouses? Then Donald’s billions might be fair game for Blaine! Donald better thank his lucky stars that litigants cannot impute income.