New York: Wegmen v. Wegmen (Divorcing? What is the value of your husband's hedge fund or start up? Or other business?)

Your husband’s been bringing home at least $3,00,000.00 per year from his Wall Street hedge fund or Silicon Valley start up? Well, chances are, he won’t be doing that this year. But if he formed the company during your marriage, it is marital property and if you are getting a divorce, he has to submit to a valuation of the business. At least, that is what Wegmen v. Wegmen says.
How does the business get valued? There is no fixed rule or methodology. But the following factors are considered in arriving at the fair market value:
Financial condition of the business
Economic outlook generally (not great this year)
dividend paying capacity
what type of business it is
Does it have “intangible” value?
What did the business earn in the past?