Violent wives and the men who won't divorce them

This weekend, Anna Anka, wife of 50’s celebrity crooner Paul Anker, almost decapitated her husband with an ice cube. Will the two be heading for divorce court? It seems not quite yet.
Pursuant to California domestic relations laws, Anna was taken downtown to the county jail and incarcerated for a few days while she worked on cooling her temper. Paul was rushed to the hospital to get some stitches on his cut.
But he still loves Anna who is 29 years his junior (he is 67) and did not cooperate with authorities who wanted to bring her up on charges of domestic violence. So they released her on her own recognizance, and she’s back home with Paul where she’s free to open his head once again.
Domestic violence is a very serious issue. It is at the root of a lot of divorces here in New York. Usually, it is the husband who is violent and perpetrates this violence on the wife and kids. But there are circumstances, such as the case of Anna Anka where it is the wife who’s off the wall.
If Paul wanted a divorce and he lived in New York, he could definitely prove “grounds” with that police report and hospital report which would clearly and incontrovertibly show that his wife subjected him to “cruel and inhuman treatment.” I’m just wondering what set her off? A woman doesn’t just throw an ice cube at her husband and cause bodily harm for no reason. A man has to really work at making a woman as crazy as that.  What if that cube had hit that man in the eye or something?  Or in some weird zone that killed him? Then she would be looking at assault with a deadly weapon charges.
But  I am sure her lawyer could have gotten her off on “heat of passion” murder. It happens, you know.