Was your marriage a "Snapple"?

You know the story about Snapple, right? Yes, I mean that Snapple, the juice? Well, it turns out that Snapple was sold back in the 1990’s to Quaker Oats for about $1.7 billion. At the time, Snapple was a fairly successful company, raking in about $700 million in annual revenues, but the stock analyst didn’t think it was worth $1.7 billion and tried to warn Quaker that it was making a mistake.
Quaker didn’t listen. It had big plans for Snapple. But when it “merged” with Quaker Oats, the value of Snapple went right down the tubes. The merger and acquisition of Snapple with and by Quaker Oats was one of the biggest disasters Wall Street saw in the 1990’s. Eventually Quaker Oats had to unload Snapple for about $300 million, a whopping $1.4 billion loss…
So, what is a “Snapple” marriage and was your marriage a Snapple? Well, put simply, its when “equally situated” successful individuals who are pretty awesome on their own, decide to get married against the advice of everyone around them. It’s not a question of money, it’s probably more one of compatibility, or perhaps they don’t know each other well enough, they haven’t spent enough time dating, getting to know each other.
Or it could be any other reason which makes this “merger” a bad idea from the start. Typically, people who end up in a Snapple marriage go in expecting great things; but somehow, the opposite happens. The marriage becomes this epic disaster that everybody saw coming except the two people – and it happens pretty quickly. Like Star Jones and Al Reynolds. That was a Snapple marriage. 
The two people only bring out the worse in each other. They devalue each other’s stocks. Or maybe one party is completely destructive and does all the devaluing and destroying.
What is left is a shell of what was once a great expectation that has been dashed. The marriage is ultimately unsalvageable. A divorce inevitably is the end result. And, of course, a whole lot of “I told you so’s.”
Does this describe your situation?  If so we’d love to hear from you.