Your stipulation of divorce (settlement) better be clear and unambiguous

I was reading on First Wives World, a cool website for divorcing folks about a case in Palm Beach Florida where a wife was incarcerated for 9 years for drunk driving. The rub? Well, it seems that in her stipulation of settlement from her divorce, she and her husband agreed that her alimony would stop if she “remarried” or “cohabitated” with another person for 3 months or more.
The wife was sharing a jail cell with another cell mate. So she was involuntarily “cohabiting.” But because the stipulation did not define cohabitation, the husband was able to go back to court and set aside the portion of the agreement that called for him to pay his wife alimony. The court agreed with him that by sharing a cell mate with another, the wife had “breached” the agreement.
The stipulation of settlement should have clearly stated that cohabitation shall mean “to live with another in a romantic context.” And/or, that the party must “voluntarily” cohabit with another. Or something like that. But the way it was worded left a lot of play room. And the husband was able to get in there and get it reversed. Pretty slick for him, too bad for her.