Does divorce lower a woman's status in society?

This is a good question. There is no doubt that society puts a value on a woman who can snag, and keep a man. If a relationship fails, it is not usually the man that people look at to see how he is coping, it’s the woman. It is she who has lost something of value. He can always find another woman, but she may not find it as easy to find another man. Plus, there are numerically more single women available for every truly straight man than there ever has been in the history of ever. So many woman feel a sense of accomplishment and value when they have a “husband.” Do you ever notice the way some women pronounce the word “husband”? It goes something like, “my heersban.” It is very special. It is like the third word out of their mouths no matter what the subject. 
So, correspondingly, they feel a sense of devaluation when they lose that husband and have to join the other “pathetic” unmarried women who never got a husband, or who got one, but lost him through some failing on her part (never his!)
Many woman report that they feel more respected by others when they have a man versus when they are single. Other women report that when they are “married” they feel the highest sense of respect from society, as opposed to just having a boyfriend, or god forbid being single.
Men seem to respect a married woman more than they respect a single woman – even when the married woman acts immorally. If a married woman has an affair with a single man (who is in a relationship with someone else), for example, she is not nearly as hated as if a single woman has an affair with a married man. If a married woman has an affair with a married man, it is not as bad as if a single woman has an affair with a married man.
Marriage definitely gives many women a sense of self and purpose. They feel more beautiful, more sexy, more wanted. They feel a sense of economic calm and stability that they don’t feel when they are single. They feel a sense of power not only in their relationship, but when dealing with other women who may not be similarly situated.
A marriage can open doors for a woman that may otherwise be closed to her. She could have access to things and people and situations that she could never dream of having as a single woman. Case in point, Kathie Holmes was fine on her own, but marriage to Tom Cruise has increased her stock 100 fold. She gets offered jobs she would not otherwise be offered. She is looked upon differently by the media. She went from a cute actress to a power player overnight – just by virtue of her marriage.
Conversely, Jennifer Anniston’s divorce from Brad transformed her from one half of America’s golden couple, to almost a caricature of what she once was. Sadie Frost was working her way to being a big player in Hollywood till she divorced Jude Law, then it was like Sadie, who? Just dating George Clooney did wonders for his girlfriend Sarah’s fame. She was getting interviewed in major magazines. As soon as he broke up with her, she evaporated from everyone’s conciousness.  Heather Mills was a VIP while married to Paul McCartney. As soon as the divorce was filed, she was public enemy number one.
There are so many examples. Most are not famous people as detailed above. But there is no question that marriage usually increases a woman’s status – even to herself. And, so, the laws of nature dictates that divorce will lower it.
The good news is that this lowering of status is only temporary. If a woman subscribes to the believe that marriage makes her “more” then all she has to do is get married again and she will restore any lost points.