How to know if you've got the divorce blues

You may either be contemplating divorce, or are in the process of divorce, or may have recently been adjudicated divorce. Whatever your status, you are not feeling all that great emotionally. You feel a tremendous sense of loss. Or you are in denial. You can’t believe this is happening or has happened. Or, you may be in the woes of despair and depression. Then again, you may be in a phase of detachment – from him, from your friends, from the relationship, from that time in your life when you and he were a couple. You feel empty. There is nothingness. Or you may be in a period of reorganization, rebuilding you, and your life, and the person you are with or without a husband on your arm.
According to Susan Pease Godoua, LCSW author of Contemplating Divorce, the divorce process has five phases that most people go through: loss, protest, despair, detachment and reorganization. It is perfectly natural, many people experience some variation of these emotions. What isn’t so acceptable is if the grieving process lasts forever, though. It shouldn’t say, take you two decades to get past this experience.
Having the blues is one thing. Being fixated on a failed relationship for the rest of your life is another. I mean, you may not be able to throw a party as soon as the ink is dried on the judgment of divorce. But you should be actively working towards closure of a chapter in your life and starting a whole new book as soon as possible. Because life is so full of new opportunities, experiences and promise. You know?