The investment side of certain marriages

Sometimes marriage turns out to be a real bang for the buck. One spouse literally comes out of it filthy rich and fattened like the proverbial golden calf. When you calculate it all, you realize for the time they stayed in the marriage, and for all the perks they got while married (not to mention the settlement upon divorce) that it was the smartest investment move of their lives; and you wonder if they realize how prescient they were to marry the person they married; and you wonder if they will re-invest the proceeds, or squander it and go looking for another good “corporation” to issue them free stocks.
Guy Ritchie made out like a bandit after his divorce from Madonna. I learned today that he walked away with $92 million dollars. I also remember when they got married about eight to ten years ago he said, and this is a verbatim quote, “I don’t want her money.” But today, he took $92 million of it, no problem. That boils down to about $31,506 dollars per day he made on that investment. $31,506!  Can you imagine? What stock have you ever bought that paid you that much? What stock have you ever bought, even if you own shares in Berkshire Hathaway, that ever paid you $31,506 every single day for eight years? That is $1312.79 per minute! Guy Ritchie was making $1312.79 per minute on that investment and all he had to do was join Kabballah, kiss Madonna and once in a while give her the big guy, aka “consortium”, so that she would keep the nagging to a minimum. What’s the big whoop?
This is the best damn investment I have seen lately, quite frankly. This was no “Snapple” marriage. He got a big, big return on his investment. Madonna was his own personal Hedge Fund and all he got were positive returns. He even has two sons! Fruits of his loins.  Plus, he never has to work again, so long as he invests wisely and does not hook up with a new wife, who does not work, and who refuses to sign a prenup, and who spends big, and who sees him as her big investment.
I wonder if he did any pre-marriage planning when he hooked up with the Material Girl all those years back when he married her in Skibo Castle in Scotland? Those were the years, going way back, when I was still in law school talking about I’m studying torts. Don’t laugh, but that was supposed to be my big investment.