NEW YORK: The Starbucks Bimbo: When smart men leave good women for something younger and more bootylicious

Obviously, nobody is as bootylicious as Beyonce; but she’s a happily married woman, so this post has nothing to do with her – except, of course, that she invented the word bootylicious…this post is strictly about the Starbucks bimbo.
But so, what do you do when your husband of 30 years decides to leave you for a woman younger than all the years of your marriage and courtship combined? (In other words the mistress can be your child!) What indeed is a socialite to do when her prince takes up with another woman?
According to the New York Post, and the New York Social Diary, “Cendant Corp. founder Henry Silverman ‘abruptly’ told his wife of almost 30 years, Nancy, that it was ‘over,’ and “‘moments later moved out of their apartment on East 72nd Street.'”
According to the Social Diary, dear husband, 68 years young had met a 28 year old sexy little thing at the Starbucks at Columbus Circle and the pretty blond thing literally blew Mr. Silverman’s mind and so he’s decided to drop his faithful and loyal wife Nancy like a hot potato, as if she and the marriage, meant nothing, and now he’s allegedly moved out of the marital residence and is living in a luxury rental on Central Park West with goldilocks. All these are allegations, but if true, kind of grandiosely scandalous, non?
It is good that Nancy was not the one to move out if she wants to have exclusive occupancy of the home. And it is also good if she later decides to file on the basis of abandonment. But she could also go with cruel and inhuman treatment. And of course adultery. She will have a bonanza of GROUNDS on which to make her case, I am sure.
The thing is, Nancy is obviously in shock. She can probably scarcely believe her husband would erase thirty years of marriage over some bimbo he met at Starbucks. But she has to get over that fast and as soon as possible, she needs to put her divorce team together. She needs to get organized so that she protects herself for what is bound to be a difficult situation.
I mean, what if, for example, he decides to move assets to another country? She wants to move as quickly as possible, to stop the billionaire from dissipating any assets, or transferring anything to a foreign jurisdiction, outside of the reach of the New York courts because she will be pretty much out of luck in getting any equitable distribution from assets not physically in the jurisdiction of the New York courts. Given that he’s a billionaire, I am sure it won’t be that hard for him to hide assets, especially, if, how can I say this delicately? Especially if Nancy was one of those oblivious women who left all the financial matters to their husband.
Nancy, do you know where all the assets are?!
Even though she is bound to be very angry with the woman, she should be careful about naming the other party without hard proof since that could open her to defamation charges. But it is imperative she gets a third party, or several third party witnesses. And please, Nancy, don’t get on YouTube or start a blog. It is very unbecoming of a socialite to do that and air all the dirty laundry of your divorce on a social networking site like that.
Finally, she should be mindful of her health. Studies show that women suffer more during a divorce, especially these high profile scenarios.
Oh, by the way, I am totally impartial. Not knowing the circumstances that led to the break up, I only have this to say at the end of the day: Age and length of marriage are really not dispositive when deciding whether to stay in a marriage or end it. I believe in finding peace and joy, no matter what the age or how long the marriage. Of course, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do things.