Did you nag your husband to a divorce?

Tell the truth: did you nag him till he begged for mercy and finally filed an action to end the marriage? And ran headlong into the arms of another woman (who, by the way, will eventually start to nag him too)? I was reading a book tonight called The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands, by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and I came away wondering whether any of my clients had nagged themselves to a divorce. Was it the nagging?!
To be fair, I think that men use the word “nag” to censor women so that they don’t have to hear the truth of certain matters. Because what does it mean to nag? If you ask them to do something even once, some men will accuse a woman of nagging him. If a wife can’t communicate with her husband without him accusing her of “nagging” him, then what’s the point? That is cruelty, as far as I am concerned, a legitimate ground for divorce in New York.
Asking your husband to assist around the house is not nagging. Asking him 10 times in one hour might be, but simply asking that he pulls his weight and clean up his own mess is not. I mean, who the heck wants to live in a messy home? And why do so many men have the ability to co-exist in utter filth to the point of, I don’t know what? And what is so terrible about asking him to clean up the filth? I don’t know. But apparently, asking him to clean up can be nagging.
So if you want to “properly feed and care for your husband,” don’t ask him to clean up. Don’t ask him to pull his weight, don’t ask him to sit with you and go over the finances, don’t ask him to talk about parenting issues with the kids, don’t ask him to put a lid on his mother, don’t ask him jack. Except, when does he want to get _aid, and what does he want to eat. This is not nagging. These questions he will happily answer, thank you ma’am.
According to Schlessinger, those are the things a man wants to deal with: Getting lai_, getting fed, and making sure there’s a good woman to mother his children. Yes, they are very simple creatures, these dear husbands. They don’t ask for much.
When you start asking too many questions and start making too many “demands” you’re heading for trouble, and the ultimate trouble, obviously, is divorce.
If you’re reading this, it’s probably already too late. But just in case, keep that in mind: THE SONS-OF-MOTHER-IN-LAWS DO NOT WANT TO GET NAGGED THEY WANT TO GET SHAGGED! So do yourself a favor: do everything yourself. Don’t ask questions. Don’t ask him to clean, forget his mother, forget the bills. Just feed him, shag him and take care of the kids. In that order.
Then you will be married till the cows come home cause he’ll be a very very contented man.