Divorce & your job: Can divorce be a death sentence for your career?

Career woman can find themselves in a predicament when they go through the divorce process. How do they focus on work when their personal lives are literally in shambles?
Many career and working women are used to multi-tasking, performing optimally at home and at work, and otherwise being the busy little bees. And they love it. They love having several things to do at once, and doing them all well. But then a divorce hits, and the once competent, capable, multi-tasking maven is reduced to a confused, emotional, all-thumbs cry baby.
Women have been known to lose their jobs around the time of their divorce. Joan Lunden was the anchor on TV’s Good Morning America for many years, and had top ratings too. But when she was going through the divorce from her husband, I forgot his name, but I think it may have been Michael, she lost her sense of location once, and allegely (didn’t hear her myself) said something to the effect of “get a job” ON THE AIR AND REFERRING TO HER HUSBAND!!! Shortly thereafter, she was canned by ABC. Joan’s career pretty much died after that. And I guess it was fair. What if a man had said that on the air about his wife while they were going through a divorce? You know?
People react differently to divorce. But anger is a pretty common reaction, and if you are letting it hang out at work on account of your personal life you could get into trouble. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you lose it because there are always one or two a–holes in an office who probably want your job and see you are in a weakened space, and so they take advantage, push your buttons and next thing you know, you’re in trouble.
But not all bosses react like the honchos at ABC. Some give you some slack, especially if you’re a prized employee. They know you are going through a rough patch and they may give you time off for some vacation time, reduce your work load, or find some other way to work with you.
If you have a boss who is an a–hole who doesn’t care and who doesn’t try to work with you, be careful. Try to keep your work life separate from the home drama. You could lose everything, if you’re not careful. And it is very hard to build back. I mean, look at Joan. Don’t get me wrong, she ended up fine. She seems happy, she’s remarried, has had 4 kids with her new husband (in addition to three from her first marriage) and has had a very successful skin care line by… Murad. I think. But I’m sure she was a teensy weensy bit bombed about losing her job with ABC. And it was tangentially (if not directly) related to her divorce.
So the word to the wise is: when you are going through a divorce, remember you have to safeguard your career.