Is your marriage giving you breast cancer? And what should you do about it?

This may sound off the wall, but I was reading on First Wives World that there is a study to suggest that a bad marriage can worsen cancer or at least, slow recovery. So, naturally, being the person I am, I began to wonder whether divorce can actually give you cancer.
I know this woman who, when she’s upset, she feels it right there, in the mammary glands. She has to stop and literally massage her glands back to calm. She even speaks to them, reasons with them, tell them to “stay healthy.” She talks to her breasts. She is very in tune with them. She even gives them both a name! And she is convinced that by doing this, she wards off cancer and other atrocities, including sag.
I’ve always thought she was mad crazy. But she is convinced that since our entire bodies come from one central source, that every part of us is interconnected, and if our heart is not at peace, if our soul is upset, if our equilibrium is thrown off, everything in us gets affected.
This woman believes that her breasts are particularly susceptible. She believes there  is something very delicate about a woman’s breasts. Sure, they are a strong part of the anatomy. They nurture and protect, feed, and comfort. And yes, they seduce too (they can turn men into blubbering idiots! Ha. Ha. Ha.). But there is a fragile part, that many women don’t pay attention to. She tells me when she gets emotionally charged up (angry, stressed, upset) she can feel the tension flutter across her breasts. And she believes those tiny flutters are a precursor to cancer. She is convinced all women get this. But she says most women don’t pay attention.
As time’s gone on, I’ve become more receptive to this theory. I frankly wasn’t surprised by this study that First Wives World is reporting on. I mean, while I  never really thought of breast cancer as something that can be affected by external stimuli such as a “marriage,” on a certain level, it does make sense.
So, I wonder, does the opposite scenario likewise make sense? Can a divorce give you breast cancer? Or worsen the cancer?
I am not a doctor obviously. But judging from how the vast majority of my female clients have reacted once the divorce was final, I think that a divorce that is initiated by the woman, is likely to have less of an impact on her health, including her breast health, than staying in a bad marriage that kills a little more of her spirit every day. Because in the end, I think that is what an unhappy marriage (or relationship does). It kills you slowly everyday.
There is nothing more miserable than an unhappy love relationship. Nothing. When that relationship is compounded by the institution of marriage, the misery is literally incomprehensible to me.  It totally obfuscates your ability to just breathe. It just is the worse. And if you are sick, or you are predisposed to certain illnesses, like cancer, I just don’t see a lot of other things that could have a worse impact than a bad marriage. I don’t see how getting out of that marriage could make anything worse.
But, you know, this is so not for me to say. Each woman is different. Not all of my clients were happy after the divorce. Some went into depression. So, if such a woman had cancer and then got divorced, and then got depressed about the divorce, it would not be a good situation for her cancer.
I think more women should try the approach of my friend. I’ve actually put some of her ideas to work and I’ve seen some positive results. When I find myself getting into a negative space, I do notice that if I pay attention, I feel it there. An accumulation of these emotions that go unattended can build up masses in our bodies – I am convinced of it. Marriage, divorce, I mean, yea. I can see it giving you cancer. If you let it.
So the conclusion? If divorce is not an option, start meditating and paying attention to your stress zones – especially your breasts – and find ways to counteract a build up of negative effects. And get relationship counseling if you decide to stay.