Should you bug your husband's office looking for divorce dirt?

There she is, Ms. Sleuth Divorcée soon to be a jailbird. No, you can’t bug his office! What, you think this is a soap opera, or something? You think this is General Hospital? That is called wiretapping and it is a federal and state offense that can land you in a penetiary for 20 years or more. Wouldn’t that be incredibly inconvenient?  And don’t have someone else do it, either. That’s conspiracy to commit fraud and wiretapping, and you could do a lot of years, still. Double digits at a minimum.
A better bet is to have a private investigator do surveillance of him from the public streets. So, let’s say, he is prone to kissing his mistress while they are walking down the streets of Greenwich Village, hand in hand. Your PI (who is registered with the state) can take that pic. (Oh my god, this cracks me up!) So, anyway, the PI can take the pic and that might be admissable. I know recently a socialite got caught that way. The PI caught her kissing her boyfriend, even though she was married to a hedge fund guy on Wall Street. It was all over the New York Post.
You can check his email from home on a “community computer” so long as the emails are in archive. Don’t install spyware and stuff like that. That is kind of like wiretapping. And dont wiretap the home phone so you can hear him talk with her or other third parties about his shenanigans.
His cell phone is something else. That is a grey area. What about GPS? That is a grey area too. You may get away with that depending on how you do it. But, girlfriend, do not go anywhere near his office. DO NOT BUG HIS OFFICE.
Yes, you can follow him and take your own pics on your Blackberry or iPhone. Isn’t the iPhone an absolutely amazing piece of technology? Yah, you can snap pics of him on your iPhone. But stay away from bugging his office. You could do a stint in Otisville for that. Okay?