When your second marriage implodes

Divorce is tough enough the first time around. But what happens when it happens a second, third, or god forbid, fourth time? Then what?
Well, the basic rules are the same. The divorce process is pretty standard as far as procedures go. It is the fact patterns that change. So you may be using a different ground this time around, since this was a different marriage, but you would have to serve your current husband the same way you did the first one. If you can’t agree on a settlement, you will be having a trial. Prior to the trial, you will have to “conduct discovery” and possibly have a deposition. You will have to prepare and file a statement of networth with the court, etcetera, etcetera….
But you are probably wondering about more than just the legal side? Of course, as a New York divorce attorney, I am not really qualified to talk about anything other than the legal side of things. But as a woman, I can only imagine this is doubly devastating the second time around.
You may be filled with self-doubt, wondering if something is intrinsically wrong with you given two or more failed marriages under your belt. I think it is perfectly natural to have some reservations. But you are far from unique in this regard. More and more people have multiple marriages these days. Ivana Trump just got separated from her fourth husband a few weeks back. She’s not beating herself up.
She’s off doing her cougar dance all night long, looking for hubby number five. So what do you do when your second marriage implodes? Channel your inner Ivana and plan to start having even more fun. You go, you cougar you!