Can getting fat lead to divorce?

As women, society puts a lot of pressure on us to stay thin, toned, and forever young. Of course it’s impossible. That’s why I personally decided to eat myself to a blimp in rebellion. Because I will not be dictated to anymore. But I’m not married. So I am free to be 400 pounds if I want – because it’s nobody’s business and that is a huge upside for me because right now I am having a serious love affair with hamburgers and I don’t care! Okay?
But you? You have to care.  You have to do as I say, not as I do. If you are married it’s your husband’s business. It’s not just you that you have to worry about. It’s the guy who sleeps next to you in that king sized bed and who has to listen to you snore like a….what? I don’t even know what, on account of the fact that you have amassed 65 extra pounds since you married him 4 years ago.
I just Googled, “fat, divorce” and I came across this website and found the most interesting piece with tons of comments by this man whose wife had become fat. He was so depressed and he wanted to ask for a divorce but they had young kids so he spent his days counting the days till the kids turned 18. While she spends her days eating candy.
He couldn’t take it that his wife had become this massive snorer.  And he felt “demoralized” having to be seen with her on the streets.
Is this right? Of course not. It’s not right. It’s downright wrong. But I’ve said it before and I will say it again for your edification. As a woman, you have to be hot, or you’re marriage can literally implode. Men as a whole have very little tolerance for a woman (who they married when she was thin) to suddenly get fat on them. Very little tolerance. They either start cheating or they get a divorce. They just can’t stand it. Men, as a general rule, do not like fat women.
Do women like fat men? Look, I’ve said it before and I will say it again. A man does not have to be hot. He does not have to be thin. He does not have to have teeth. He does not have to be tall. Sometimes, he doesn’t even need a pen-s. He just has to be a man and that is enough for at least a few women.
But the rules are different for us. Men hold women to very high standards when it comes to who they marry and stuff like that. And if they choose you, you’ve got to hold up your end of the bargain. And that means, frankly, you can’t get fat. No offense to anybody. But those are the rules. And I didn’t make em. If you are still married but getting fat I suggest you click on the link above and see what men are saying about that – assuming you want to hang on to the marriage.
Oh, and if you are married to a ball player/sports star type, actor, CEO or other high networth man, forgeddabout it. You are as good as dumped if you don’t get your act together fast. Understand that you are a trophy. And trophies, more than the rest of us, are not allowed to get fat. 
Bon bons, anyone?