Korean actress receives suspended jail sentence for adultery

See, adultery is not only a crime in New York. It is also a crime in South Korea. South Korean actress Ok So Ri was accused and found guilty of having an extra marital affair with an opera singer.  She challenged the ban on adultery on the basis that it is unconstitutional and imposes on the privacy rights of citizens. But the South Korean court ruled against her and upheld the ban.
The good news for Ms. Ri is that she won’t have to actually serve any jail time. BTW her lover also received a six month suspended jail sentence.
In New York, the prosecutor has discretion to bring an action against a cheating spouse for adultery. I believe it is a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony, and can come with up to two years jail time. While no one has been convicted lately under the New York law, the law is still on the books and could technically be pulled out at any time, for any reason.
Scary, isn’t it?