On shopping sprees: did your chronic spending lead to divorce?

I was just perusing Donald Trump’s blog and I came across a post entitled: Cheating with the Checkbook. I thought it was an interesting concept, how he likened secret spending  to infidelity.
I thought it would be a good entry over here, so here goes: Are you guilty? Was it your chronic and surreptitious spending that led to the problems in your marriage? This is something I guess I would have to be married to understand. But if there is something you want to purchase, why can’t a person just purchase it without having to hide?  I don’t get that. An adult woman should be able to shop and not have to jeopardize her marriage as as result, shouldn’t she?
But wait. Marriage is a partnership. So, I guess everything you do should be discussed and decided mutually. And I guess the problem is, if you discussed it, and decided amongst the two of you that, first of all, you have a budget, and second of all, a moratorium was placed on spending, I guess if you went out behind your husband’s back and spent money anyway, then that is not cool.
What I guess I have the most trouble understanding, is why a spouse would find it necessary to hide something like shopping in the first place. I mean, if the parties decided amongst themselves that no shopping would transpire for whatever reason, then going out and shopping anyway does show a certain disrespect for the union. It’s a weird form of sabotage. And I think it is a question for a marriage counselor, at least at first, rather than a divorce lawyer. Because there is something at the root of this. The shopping-behind-the-back is a symptom of something else.
It is about power and control. And communication or inability to communicate. And it is speech. It is saying something. And maybe it is saying, “I want a divorce.” I don’t know. What did you mean with the shopping? What were you trying to say?
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