Marie Douglas David – portrait of a "high maintenance" wife

I just hit up Page Six for gossip and I got one heck of a divorce expose that is hitting Hartford Connecticut Superior Court. It is relevant here in New York because they own real estate here – in fact they seem to have an luxury condominium at 740 Park Avenue, and a weekend place in the Hamptons (Sagaponack). The high net worth couple is non other than a former investment banker at Lazard Asset Management (now chairman of United Technologies) and his wife who is also a former employee at Lazard, George David and socialite/royal Marie Douglas.
According to Page Six, Marie, a Swedish countess, is asking the Harford court to compel her husband to pay her $53,000.00 per week! That’s a lot, isn’t it? I mean, I don’t want to seem provincial or anything, but $53,000.00 per week, is, like, good money. According to Page Six, the following accounts for Ms. David’s weekly expense accounts:
“Mortgage and maintenance fees and rent for the Park Avenue penthouse, the Hamptons  retreat and properties in Sweden account for $27,300 a week, according to a financial affidavit she filed with the court. And then there’s travel ($8,000), clothing ($4,500), a personal assistant ($2,209), horse care ($1,570), domestic help ($1,480), entertainment and restaurants ($1,500), health and skin care ($1,000), dry cleaning ($650), flowers ($600) and a trainer ($250).”
Can you imagine spending $650 per week on dry cleaning? That dry cleaner must love her! She spends $1,000 per week on her skin.  What is she doing with her skin that costs that much every single week? She’s only 36?! If I did that I would break out. Like, baaaaaadly. I’m not kidding. It’s like, OMG my face!!!
Marie Douglas David lives very well. Although, the Page Six article almost ridicules her for that. I think that’s slightly unfair. After all, it is her husband who provided her with this standard to which she has become accustomed. They regularly attended  Museum benefits, charity events, and other philanthropic causes here in New York. They appeared in the pages of the New York Social Diary fairly regularly too, and hub nubbed with the rich and famous and well heeled as a matter of routine. It takes a lot of money to keep that up and to look shiny while doing it.
I don’t know if I agree with the insinuations by the Page Six article that Marie is high maintenance because, really, if your husband makes $70 million dollars a year running a transnational conglomerate, then, there is a certain standard of living you’ve grown accustomed to. Us poor folks don’t have to understand it, or like it. But then, we should put our feet down at her husband’s salary in the first place, not the resulting standard of living he’s provided for her, and that she’s come to expect.
Just two years ago, Marie and George were at Windsor Castle to attend a Thanksgiving ceremony for the Queen’s 80th Birthday. According to Page Six, they regularly hung out with Vladimir Putin of Russia, and, of course, routinely flew private gulfstream jets that were owned by United Technologies. Let me tell you something, once someone gets acclimated to that lifestyle, there is no going back. Have you ever been inside one of these gulfstream jets that are owned by these global corporations? Me neither. But I was reading the book Superclass The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Makingby David Rothkopf, and let me tell you something, Marie is not asking for that much when she requests $53,000 per week. She’s really not.
I think she will get a very good settlement from her hubby. He has already agreed to give her $978,000 in play dough while they sort out the post-nup which called for her to get $43 million in settlement.  There seems to be some question about the validity of the agreement. I wonder who is challenging it, him or her? With the way the economy just imploded the way it did, the poor guy probably doesn’t have it. It’s frightening to think this way but I was reading in Businessweek how he had an almost venture capitalist approach to running United Technlogies. At one point, United was doing better than GE. But I don’t know what United’s situation is right now. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear they are in trouble like everybody else. But when the good times were rolling, David was making good money. Actually, if I’m not mistaken, he listed his networth to be somewhere in the region of $400 million on his financial affidavit. So, you know what? $43 million may be peanuts. But I am sure that is an air tight agreement. And after six short years of marriage, she’s probably not going to get even one more red cent. Guy’s like that are not stupid. They handle that aspect of their affairs very well.
But I almost think it is better to draft these pre and post nuptial agreements to say that the monied spouse will pay a certain percentage of assets as a settlement. As opposed to a fixed dollar amount. Because in an economic climate such as this, what if the guy really doesn’t have that kind of money to pay out in alimony?
You know?
BTW, I wonder if Viagra had anything to do with it? Mr. David was 66 and his wife was 36. Yes, I know, that is a very, very inappropriate question…
Well, on that note…nighty night!
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