Deborah Madoff's post-divorce career prospects

Andrew Madoff’s soon to be ex wife Deborah Madoff will probably have to rejoin the work force after her divorce if it turns out that her husband was involved in his father Bernie Madoff’s investment fraud scheme. The SEC and other officials have said that Andrew and his brother Mark Madoff, both of whom worked for their father’s company, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, had nothing to do with the Ponzi scheme that left many of America’s wealthiest Jewish families, and major businesses and institutions, $70 billion dollars in the poor house.
But the cyber world zeitgeist seems to be growing increasingly doubtful that the boys are innocent. That could mean that Debbie is going to need a job soon.
Debbie and Andrew married in 1992 and have been married till she filed for divorce in New York County last week. She was 24, he was 25. They lived exceptionally well, and Deborah was a well-cared for wife. At least, financially. Since his graduation from Wharton, Andrew as I said has been raking in millions of dollars per year from his father’s company and Deborah has been a stay at home wife and homemaker who didn’t have a financial care in the world.
Normally, wives in Deborah’s position get a very good settlement – including life long alimony – and don’t ever have to work for the rest of their lives (assuming they don’t re-marry, which, in effect, kills their alimony).  So if there is clean money, Deborah may never have to work again if she doesn’t want to. But if the money that Andrew has amassed is “dirty”, she may have to.
There is nothing to indicate that Andrew’s money is dirty at this time. And I should stress that. It is highly likely that Deborah Madoff will come out of this divorce very well preserved financially if the money is clean. And it probably is.
But in the off chance that it is not, and there is nothing to “equitably distribute” pursuant to New York’s Domestic Relations Laws, then Debbie is going to probably have to find herself a job – if her parents won’t subsidize her. (Her parents, by the way, are not exactly destitute. Her mother Susan is an Editor and her dad was an investment broker.)
But I think Deborah will be able to land gracefully on her feet if she should need to re-join the workforce. Prior to marrying Andrew, Deborah “West” Madoff, a Duke University graduate, was a “book promotions consultant.”
I wonder if she will write a tell all book about the vicissitudes of life as wife of Andrew Madoff and daughter in law of Bernard Madoff, pre/post Ponzi? I bet it would be a best-seller. Don’t ya think?