Bernie Madoff's son Andrew Madoff is allegedly dating another woman even before his divorce is final her name is Catherine Hooper

But hold your horses. Just because Andrew Madoff is dating another woman – Catherine [Katherine] Hooper – doesn’t mean that Deborah Madoff can or will sue him for divorce on the basis on adultery. In New York, Deborah has several different grounds she can use. But word is, she had already filed for separation over a year ago.
Technically, though, Andrew and Debbie are still married. A separation is not a divorce. But usually, when parties file for separation, the clock starts to tick towards divorce. It functions like a divorce in many instances and most people go on to a full fledged divorce a year or more later.
So the fact that Bernard’s boy is seeing another woman should not be cause to accuse him of adultery. The rumor is that he has been seeing the lovely Catherine Hooper for months. They have been attending galas together, and he was, at one time, invested in a company she co-owned with her ex? The company is called Urban Angler Fly Shop.
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Bernard Madoff’s ponzi scheme does not seem to have been the reason for his son’s divorce after all. All indicators are that this divorce was underway for over a year. Still, I don’t think this alleged ponzi scheme sat well with Deb Madoff.