NEW YORK: Deborah and Andrew Madoff have been "separated" for over one year; the woman he's with is Catherine Hooper

¬†If anyone had any questions about the timing of Deborah Madoff’s divorce filing on the same day that her husband’s father was cuffed by the FBI for securities fraud, it may have simply come down to happenstance. It turns out that Andrew and Deborah have been “amicably separated” for over a year and she has now served him with a petition for divorce pursuant to New York law.
Everyone must know by now that in New York, separation by agreement is the closest thing to a divorce by “irreconcilable differences” aka, “no fault divorce.” In New York, a married couple can agree to live apart for at least one year. They would sign a stipulation to reflect this agreement and it would be filed with the court in the county where they live.
Upon the expiration of one year, assuming that both parties substantially complied with the stipulation of separation, the parties are granted a divorce upon submission of a summons and complaint to the court using separation as the ground.
The New York Post made a big to do about the fact that Andrew was seen in SoHo today, shopping with an attractive brunette. They informed their readers that the attractive brunette was Andrew’s estranged wife Deborah Madoff. It turns out that the Post may have gotten it wrong. It seems the brunette is Andrew’s girlfriend for several months now, Catherine Cooper, a Bryn Mawr graduate.
There is no indication that this relationship was started before Andrew and Debbie separated. So no allegations of adultery will be hurled. More than likely, as I said earlier, the Madoffs will have a quiet divorce.
And since they were separated for a year, it is highly probably that they have already sorted out their equitable distribution. You know what? Maybe that’s why Deborah is moving so quickly. They’ve already determined what she will get and she wants to make sure she gets it before the proverbial @#$% hits the fan.
Can anybody blame her?