Hey big spenders: George David and Countess Marie Douglas David submit networth affidavits in their divorce action. They spend like crazy!

Before I begin to talk about the Douglases, I just want to give a heads up to Warren Adler (or his impersonator) for leaving a comment on our blog today. Mr. Adler is author of the famous divorce tome, War of the Roses and about 26 other books, and he took the time to leave a comment on our blog! Crazy. I honestly thought that absolutely nobody reads this blog. Guess I am wrong…Thank you, Mr. Adler for “loving our blog.”
So, anyway, the New York Post just did a new piece today about the pending divorce of former United Technologies CEO George David and his estranged wife, the Swedish Countess Marie Douglas David. It seems the Davids are competing to see who can out-spend each other. I guess that’s the kind of thing society folks do for their kicks and entertainment. (BTW: check out this former post about trophy wives if you have extra time to read more stuff: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/when-the-trophy-wife-gets-dumped
As is required by New York Law, (and it seems Connecticut as well), parties in a divorce action are required to submit financial affidavits (statements of networth) when a motion has been made for interim (pendente lite) support. The standard in New York when determining how much support a spouse should get while the divorce case is pending (and probably Connecticut is the same) is the marital standard of living.
Marie Douglas, a former investment banker at Lazard Asset Management, claims in her affidavit that she does not work and has a truck load of weekly expenses to the tune of about $53,000, which she needs her husband’s assistance with. She was practically laughed at by everyone who heard the story because she was asking for stuff like flowers expenses, horse grooming expenses, and about $8000 per week in travel expenses. I mean, who lives like that?! That’s, like $32,000 per month. Not even mortgage payments cost that much for regular folks.
The New York Post had a field day, as did all the bloggers in the blogosphere. I was even reading on New York Magazine’s website and it seemed to me that the commentazzi thought Ms. Douglas David was just frivolous and ridiculous and looking to get over on the poor old man, George. Everybody pretty much dismissed Marie as a gold digger, pretty much.
I submitted a response to New York Magazines board because, while I don’t necessarily understand that lifestyle, I believe that if Marie’s standard of living when she was married to George was to the tune of $53,000 per week, he should be ordered to provide that to her, no matter how outlandish it may seem to the rest of us who can barely pay our daily cab fare to work. It’s not her fault that we don’t have any money and gorgeous blond hair, and a slim body that men like George David salivates over. (Maybe George should start dating women his own age and stop hitting on young countesses like Marie!) She should not be hated for her good fortune for marrying a man who brought home $80,000,000.00 per year. Either we need to “marry up” ourselves, or shut up about how Marie chose to run her show.
The rich are different, let’s just accept that fundamentally. The spend astronomically on things that we can’t fathom, like skin care. Marie Douglas David’s skin care bill was coming in at $1000 per week, or $4000 per month according to her affidavit. That’s not something I envy. As I said in another post, (http://www.divorcesaloon.com/marie-douglas-david-portrait-of-a-high-maintenance-wife) if I ever dared put that many products on my face (I mean, $1,000 per week worth of products) I would break out like a dog. My $25 Olay Regenerist is already breaking my bank. And it works fine. But. Whatever.  Marie’s skin is not my or anybody else’s business. That is what it takes to keep the gorgeous, blond Marie looking hot? Fine. She should have it if her husband can afford it – and it seems he very well can. Apparently George liked it enough to marry her in the first place, and stay married to her for six years, so what business is it of anyone’s?
Plus, I hear people speculating whether this was a love marriage or a money/convenience marriage. That has nothing to do with spousal support during the pendency of a divorce action. Even if she married him for money, it’s irrelevant…well…hme….maybe… he could try to get an annulment on the basis of concealment of material fact if she did. He could say that she didn’t love him, misrepresented that she did love him, and that he relied on her promise of love to marry her in the first place…oh my god that would be phocked up!!! (Oh, read this post I wrote a few weeks back about annuling annulments: http://www.divorcesaloon.com/can-an-annulment-be-annulled-in-new-york)
But, so, in any event, now the Post comes out with George’s financial affidavit and it pretty much blows Marie’s spending out of the water. She spends $53,000 per week? He spends $200,000 per week! According to the Post: “George’s weekly expenses include $23,660 for the couple’s three homes – a penthouse at 740 Park Ave., a weekend retreat in Sagaponack, LI, and a home in Avon, Conn.” Plus, he has a yacht or something that costs nearly $100K to keep up.  How do  you like them apples? This was the marital lifestyle. They got it and they spend it. Big time.
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