10+ questions Deborah Madoff should ask Andrew Madoff before the divorce

Well, it’s old news that Debbie and Andrew Madoff (Bernie Ponzi Madoff’s son and daughter in law) are heading for divorce. They have allegedly been legally separated since 2007 and Deborah moved for divorce the same day that Bernie was “cuffed by the FBI,” according to Page Six of the New York Post. (I have checked the court’s website and I should say I do not see a filing of a Madoff divorce action so who knows what that means?) But here are a few questions Deborah may want to ask her husband prior to submitting a judgment of divorce for a judge’s signature:
1. Did you have anything to do with your father Bernard Madoff’s ponzi scheme? If so, how could you? And what is your game plan now? What are you going to do and how does that affect me and the kids?
2. If you did have anything to do with your father’s ponzi scheme, what did you and he do with all the money? Do you own anything that will not be subject to restitution and forfeiture? For example, is Abel Holdings completely legit?
3. Who holds title to our marital residence and how much equity do we have? What is the outstanding mortgage? Who’s going to pay it? And what if we have to sell out of desperation? Are you going to eat the capital gains or are you going to expect me to pay part of it?
4. Did your father pay you a bonus this year and if so how much and where is the money invested? Will I get my share?
5. Do you own any trust accounts outside the United States such as Switzerland, the Bahamas or some other offshore locale?
6. If you do own any trust accounts, exactly where are they and who are the beneficiaries? And speaking of beneficiaries, do you have life insurance in case…well, do you have life insurance for the kids?
7. Exactly where are all the bank accounts located and how much money is in each? 
8. What are we going to do about the kids? How much can I realistically expect in child support given the latest developments with your father and his company?
9. What about my alimony? How much can I realistically expect and for how long, given the change in circumstances? Am I going to have to go back to work? Or can I expect lifelong alimony as we agreed, or what?
10. What if the feds come to freeze up all your assets? What is our plan C? Am I going to be left destitute Andrew? Is that it?!