Breaking up is hard to do during the holidays, so wait till January

As I write, Aaron Neville is singing Silent Night, Holy Night and I am thinking of people out there who may be thinking about ending their marriage. 
I can’t imagine how sad and cold it must be and feel to go through a divorce during the holiday season. I think only a masochist would file a divorce in December. And I can’t be wrong, because December has one of the lowest number of divorces filed in the country. As compared with January which has the highest rate of divorce filings.
Breaking up is definitely hard to do during the holidays. My advice if you are thinking about a divorce? Take the next couple of weeks to ponder it a bit more, see whether the holidays brings a change in your spirit and outlook. This is especially advised if you have children. Let them have a nice holiday. Then after New Years, start cleaning house and making those big decisions. And make sure you and your spouse find a way to tell the children in a non threatening way.
If your divorce will be uncontested, here are some of the information that you will need to provide in your summons and complaint that will be filed with the court. Don’t worry about it now, but keep it filed in your mind that this is what you will need so that a summons and complaint can be generated:
1) Your name, date of birth and social security number
2) The names and social security numbers of your children
3) The marital address and your current address
4) A sworn statement that you are a resident of New York
5) Your medical insurance information
6) Military service information
7) The grounds for the divorce; it has to be one of the following: abandonment, constructive abandonment, imprisonment, separation, adultery, cruelty
8. The section of the Domestic Relations Laws (DRL) that govern your allegations of grounds.
9. Any other relief you want, such as custody, a share of the marital residence, etc.
10. Whether you have another divorce action pending in another court in another state.
It may seem like a lot, but this is pretty much routine. And this information can be gathered up fairly easily. So don’t worry about it now. File it in your mind that this is what you have to do after the holidays – if nothing changes. For now, may you sleep in heavenly peace….