Does Debbie Madoff have a stake in Andrew Madoff's Abel Holdings, LLC?

As a general rule, pursuant to the equitable distribution scheme of the Domestic Relations Laws of New York, a spouse is entitled to a share of anything that is accrued during a marriage and before either a separation agreement is executed, or the filing of the summons with the county clerk.
So, does Deborah have a share in Abel Holdings, LLC, her husband’s alleged company which he co-owns with his brother Mark Madoff? In order for Deborah to have a share in Andrew’s company, the company must have been formed at some point during the 17 year marriage, before, they separated. If it was formed before they executed the separation agreement, then she would have a stake in the company, unless there is some pre/post nup that says she doesn’t. What her exact share would be would be a question for the court to answer if the parties can’t agree on a fair share. Some kind of business valuation would be ordered. Read this post:
I haven’t been able to find out much about Abel Holdings, so I can’t render and opinion on whether Debbie will have a share. I can tell you that it doesn’t appear that it was registered in New York State since it does not appear in the Department of State website under corporations and LLC filings. It may have been registered in Delaware or some other state, I don’t know. I did see an Abel Holdings filed in Delaware in about November 2007. If it is the Abel Holding, then Debbie may not have a share since it looks like the company was acquired about the same time she and Andrew separated. So it would not be marital property in New York.