Bernie Madoff's soon to be ex-daughter in law Deborah Madoff: A profile in courage

If the rumors that are flying around that Andrew and Deborah Madoff are getting a divorce are true, then Deborah must be a very courageous woman. She is going to need even more courage as the weeks roll by – especially if it turns out, as many are insinuating, that her husband Andrew Madoff was involved in his father’s ponzi scheme. If, in fact, Andrew was involved in the scheme, it will be very fiscally devastating for Deborah. It already appears that Bernie’s wife Ruth Madoff was involved in the scheme. The Feds are likely working overtime to see if Mark and Andrew, and other family members such as Bernie’s niece, were involved. If Deborah suspected her husband is guilty of any wrong doing, she was very courageous to try to get out of the marriage as quickly as she did (she filed papers the same day Bernie was cuffed according to the Post.)¬† She should read two of our previous posts: “How to divorce a CEO” and “With the FBI calling should you dump your Wall Street Hubby.”
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