Divorce in New York: A Christmas message from a New York divorce attorney

Two hours before the end of Christmas, 2008 and I am sitting here, stuffed up like a bird with all the holiday eating (I am going to have to go on a hunger strike for 3 months to undo the damage my holiday eating has done this year), trying to get in my last post to the day. What will I talk about?
How about Divorce, New York style? I specify New York because I live in New York, not because I want to exclude all my readers in other parts of the country and world such as New Jersey, Florida, Arizona, Sweden, England and Germany. I know that many people are starting to read Divorce Saloon, and I am happy to have you all come by every day and would be happier still if you joined the discussion and began to leave comments. Any constructive, non-malicious comments are welcomed!
But, so, I really don’t know much about divorce in any other city or region other than New York where I practice divorce law. That is why this post is titled, “Divorce in New York. So what do I want to say about divorce in New York? Well, New York is definitely a fast city, open 24 hours, sort of like Divorce Saloon. And we probably have a higher divorce rate than many other places just because of the nature of the city – so many busy professionals, who frankly don’t necessarily have the time to go to marriage counselors or “relationship boot camps” to try to save their marriage.
New York is a great town and a wonderful city. But there is some debate whether it is the best city to raise a family and grow a marriage. But it doesn’t stop New Yorkers from at least trying for the ideal, does it. I suppose that is what I like about this town. We know the odds, but we still try. We try to find that balance. We try to live up to the ideal.
If, in the end, the marriage still fails, nobody can fault a New Yorker for giving it their best shot and not getting so jaded that they don’t bother to make the attempt in the first place.
Here’s to the New Yorkers who are brave enough to have given marriage a try, even if, in the end, it didn’t work out.
Our hat is off to you over here at the Saloon. And hey, have a grand, happy, Holidays. Cause you deserve it.