The Divorce "it" List of 2008

Here is our Who is Who of celebrities, billionaires and other famous people who got a divorce in 2008

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook We were intrigued with this supermodel/starchitect divorce only because of the salacious details they divulged to a gluttonous public. We learned that Peter can be very inappropriate in all sorts of blush-inducing ways. And of course, there was the affair with his teenage assistant. Way to ruin a good thing, Peter. And look at his wife, a woman in her 50’s, but so incredibly haute! Why would a man jeopardize that?  I mean, we understand that people are imperfect but he should have found a way to make it right. In the end, Christie didn’t even care, she didn’t even want to hear his excuses. She just wanted him gone. She was so disgusted with the whole sordid mess. If possible, she would have seen to it that he never saw his children again. The couple have three kids: Alexa Ray Joel, Jack Cook and Sailor Cook. The last straw for Christie, and frankly for us, is that Barbara Walters interview Peter did, further publicizing what should have been a private matter between the family. I mean, really, why was anything he said in that interview any of Barbara Walters’ and anybody else’s business?  Peter gets a 10 on our scale for most despicable divorcee of 2008.

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney Everybody loves to hate Heather Mills and if we want to be loved over here at Divorce Saloon, hating her might be a good idea. Well, we want to be loved, but we are not going to hate her because we did not follow the case closely enough to come up with a good reason to hate her. This is how we feel about it: If she married a billionaire, then a $50 million settlement is not too much. Why do people judge women so harshly when they marry rich men and ask for a fair settlement? I mean, somebody’s got to marry the guys with money. Why not the wives they pick. People seem to forget that getting married is largely a man’s show. He picks and chooses the woman he wants. Paul McCartney wanted Heather and he picked her, married her and started a family with her. The marriage didn’t work out. He was the monied spouse. He has to pay support. And given that he’s a billionaire, he was going to pay big time. Bottom line. Context matters. It is not greed for the wife of a billionaire to ask for $50 million in settlement or even $125 million. We feel it is insulting for anyone to suggest that of any wife of a ultra wealthy man should walk away with peanuts, or be accused of being a —stitute for having married him in the first place. Heck no. We will not cater that that school of thought and if you hate us by association for this position, so be it. We applaud Heather for standing up for her fair share. We give Heather Mills 8 our of 10 for being the bravest divorcee to have taken on Paul McCartney, his lawyers, public opinion and negative press all by herself and surviving.

 Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons The Simmonses have always fascinated us for a number of reasons not the least of which is that they always struck us as a bit of an odd couple.  We did not expect them to have so amicable a divorce, given the outspoken nature of Ms. Simmons. However, they surprised us. And after seeking joint custody earlier this year of the girls, the two seem to have come to a workable custodial arrangement. We give them an 8 out of 10 for handling their business with maturity and putting the kids first.

Madonna and GuyRitchie Well, the Material Girl is perennially interesting. Everything she does is done of a gargantuan scale, invoking voyeurs, gossip-mongers and paparazzi. But even for her, this story about Alex Rodriguez is a bit much. Who knew Madonna was into the Brothers? I mean, don’t get us wrong. We are into the brothers too. And, I mean, I do recall allegations of a fling with Dennis Rodman prior to marrying Guy Ritchie, and we are fine with that. But we are not so sure that Alex Rodriquez, a ball player with the Yankees, can be a better mate and partner than what she had with Guy. Alex is about 30 years old for Christ sakes, and a ball player. That’s what he does. He plays. And, I mean, look, we are fine with cougars. We recommend it to an extent. But only to an extent. Beyond that extent, it’s just bad news. We don’t see long term viability with her and him. I mean, Guy will easily find another wife if he wants one. But the Material Girl is 50 now. Where will she find a good husband that brings stability and love to her life at this point – cause, as we said, Alex can’t help her with that. Not that we don’t think Guy is controlling. We do. We an see it on his face. He’s a manly man and he wants to be in charge. The problem, in part, is that Madonna seems like one of those alpha wives and she probably thought she wears the pants. She should have just submitted to her husband and let him be the man. The world needs more of those types of manly men, frankly. We think Madonna made a mistake with this one. We give her a 7 on a scale of 10 for most short-sighted divorcee of 2008.

Najoud Ali This young girl, all of 10 years old, was forced by her parents to marry her 30 year old husband who reportedly raped and beat her viciously and repeatedly. So you know what she did? She took a cab to the courthouse herself and asked the court for a divorce and she got her divorce. They young girl is from Yemen and was really just a victim of her cultural and religious customs. Child marriages are de riguer in Yemen, and religious conservatives in that country and others like it want to keep it so. You can read Najoud’s story in the New York Times here. But we give her a 10 for bravest divorcee of 2008

Ivana Trump Ivana kills us because she just doesn’t care. I mean, the woman was on to her fourth husband and now they are separated (that will transmute to a divorce in a year). Her husband, an Italian businessman, was over two decades her junior. So Ivana is a big time cougar. And she doesn’t care and she doesn’t apologize and she shouldn’t. I mean, I love Donald Trump, but he doesn’t apologize for his penchant for sexy, young little hotties, does he? I mean, I am sure it is unthinkable for him, at this point, to be with a woman less than 20 years his junior. So why is Ivana’s husband’s age even an issue? I don’t know but it is all over the blogosphere that she is “ridiculous” for marrying a man so young. The part I like is that she married him at Mar a lago, Donald’s and her former home in Florida (Donald and Melania still hang out there). I always found that curious that Ivana married her boyfriend at Mar a largo, just months after Donald married Melania there. It was like, WT_? Weird. But she knows her reasons, and in a way, I understand. I get Ivana. What will she do for an encore? We don’t know. But whatever it is, it is sure to be interesting. We give Ivana an 9 for divorcee with the most marriages and divorces of 2008.

Star Jones Poor Star. That must have been embarassing for her to have to file for divorce after only three years of marriage, especially after such a public and overthetop wedding. She totally sneaked in that divorce petition and only months later did anybody get wind that she had filed. Always the smart cookie, she made sure to agree to the terms Al Reynolds wanted so that there wouldn’t be a public circus and all her haters would have been so gleeful. We never understood why people were so against her marriage. The girl waited till she was in her 40’s. She was overweight most of her life. She probably thought she would never find anybody, and low and behold, she thought she had found a good, decent man who would share her life till they grew old together and died. Why is that such a big crime? We feel everybody deserves happiness and we feel that if, in searching for happiness, we “over-reach” sometimes, and we have mis-steps, nobody should begrudge us that and gloat. Cause, at the heart of us all, is the hope, and the fantasy, and the unrealistic expectation, that we will find lasting love. And that is all Star wanted when she married Al in that “overthetop” wedding. And that’s another thing. A woman’s wedding day is hers to be and do as she bloody well pleases. One woman’s overthetop is another woman’s dream wedding. Nobody should get in another woman’s face about how she chooses to celebrate her nuptials. Star did her wedding the way she wanted her wedding. And everybody, including her friendz at the View should just deal with it and let her be. We give Star an 8 on the scale of most unfairly maligned divorcee of 2008.

Trisha Walsh Smith Trisha Walsh Smith came to our consciousness after she did that YouTube video. We never saw the video over here. But it definitely made her infamous, didn’t it? The judge apparently didn’t appreciate what she did, and whatever her reasons for doing it, it backfired big time on her. Public opinion was pretty damn awful and you know what? She shouldn’t have made the video. It was a big mistake. But you know what? She’s enterprising, that Trisha Walsh. She understands where society is heading with social marketing, and she exploited it, and it could have worked, and may have worked had she used a different strategy. It was her strategy that was flawed, not the fact that she used the medium to get attention and drum up sympathy for her plight. Her strategy backfired on the poor woman like nobody’s business. We feel bad for her. But, we are going to give Trisha a 6 for most creative attempt by a divorcee to increase her spousal support.

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