The countess v. the ceo, part deux: George and Marie Douglas David up the ante

Well, Countess Marie Douglas David and UTC chairman and former CEO George David, are taking a time out to plot their strategies, enjoy the holidays and figure out what they are going to do for an encore. Their trial is reportedly scheduled to resume in March. So as to give their attorneys (on the wife’s side Bruce Louden, Robert Stephan Cohen and William S. Beslow and on the husband’s side Judge Anne C. Dranginis and Carlo Forzani) time to do their trial prep.
Normally, a case does not go to trial if the parties are able to come to an agreement. So the trial is really step two. I am not surprised that the lawyers are playing hard ball on this. It’s all posturing and someone of them will give in prior to March, I guarantee it. It will probably be on the Eve of trial because why should Countess Marie and Ceo George waste their money on attorney’s fees when they can just stip to something reasonable?
The lawyers have no incentive to settle this. The longer it goes on, the more money lawyers make on a case. That is what a lot of people don’t understand. But in my experience, lawyers can’t settle if the clients still want to fight. A lawyer has to please the client, a lawyer has to do what the client wants. The client has a right to go to trial if that is what they want to do. But you are looking at at least $2,000,000.00 for the trial alone.
For someone of modest means, trials are not worth it. I mean, even a middle income person making about $150,000 per year, would be ill advised to go to trial.
In Marie Douglases case, though, maybe a trial makes sense if George is not talking her language. She wants the penthouse at 740 Park Avenue. All he has to do is tell her to take it. He is worth over $300 million. He has the house in Avon Connecticut. He still gets paid from United Technologies Corp. He has all these un-exercised stock options. He has the yacht. He has her jewelry. Even if, best case scenario, the penthouse is worth $50 million (it’s probably worth more like $28 mil), if he gives her that plus the $43 million he promised in the prenup, that is still only $93 million. He is left with more than $200 million plus future earning capacity. And all her jewelry.
Come on George. What’s $93 Mil? Why go to trial on this? It shows that maybe Marie is telling the truth that you used your money to control her, and to keep her in line. She will probably successfully argue that you used duress to get her to sign that postnup.
Some men do that. Could George David ceo of UTC be one of those men who uses money as a pawn? I hope not. I feel like when someone does that, they can never find true love because they will always feel the woman (or other person) is with them for money, because they dangle the money. And you know why I know that? In George’s case, it’s the jewelry. It is weird how he kept  it in his name. That means it was never truly given. It was just a carrot.
I wish all married people would try to remember that marriage is a partnership in every sense of the word. It is an economic, financial, sexual, familial, social, legal partnership. Your estranged wife is not trying to “creme” you, guys. When you purported to marry her, you were signing on for the partnership in all its plenary glory. When the marriage ends, it’s time to share the spoils of the marriage in a fair and reasonable way. If people think like that (especially spouses who hold the purse strings), if they  think of it like that, as opposed to “giving her their money” they will find it easier to do the right thing.
Settle the case, George. Give her the apartment and call it a day.
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