Ruth Madoff surrenders her passport but will she surrender her marriage?

According to, Ruth Madoff has surrendered her passport to the Feds as they see her as a flight risk. She is not charged in her husband’s ponzi  scheme at this time, but it won’t come as a big surprise if it turns out that she is charged.  Will they cut a deal with her to get Bernie? Can they? And even if they don’t or they can’t, will she stand by her man or will she try to get out of the marriage? If not now, then after his conviction? Go here for additional posts on Ruth:
In New York, if a spouse is incarcerated consecutively for three or more years, the other spouse can move for a divorce. Nothing else need be proven except for the three-year consecutive incarceration. So even if Ruth sticks it out with Bernie, once they convict him and send him to prison, which they will, she can get out of the marriage without looking too much like a traitor.
Is it conceivable she will try to get out of the marriage before that to save herself? Anything is possible. If his beloved sons Mark and Andrew could just turn their backs on their beloved parents in  a time of darkness and need, there is nothing to stop Ruth from walking out on the relationship. Loyalty runs in families. It’s genetic. The Madoff Clan don’t seem particularly loyal. Either that or they are so loyal, they are pulling a fast one over everyone by pretending to be on the outs as a way to save the sons from prosecution. In other words, maybe the parents are taking the rap for the kids. In which case, this is loyalty that goes beyond duty and love. It is off the charts. The parents are basically making themselves sacrificial lambs for the boys. How many parents would do that?
There is no question that Ruth and Bernie Madoff are in deep trouble both legally and familialy. Is their marriage also in trouble? It is fair to say that their marriage has never been tested to this grave extent. As they sit in that fancy penthouse on the Upper East Side looking at each other and all the art and fancy furniture, they must feel pretty desolate, and it would be perfectly human of Ruth to ponder leaving him. 
In the end, I don’t think she will leave him. I can see her leaving him after several years have passed and he remains incarcerated. Because he will likely die in prison. While I don’t know how old she is, I am sure she’s a woman in her sixties or older. She could conceivably have another relationship. And at best, she will move for a divorce after 3 years or so. She won’t leave him now.
I am hedging my bets that Ruth Madoff will not surrender her marriage anytime soon. I am betting  hoping, that she stands by her husband. I mean, whatever he is, whatever he did, he is her husband and she should stand by him to the end. It’s the right thing to do.