NEW YORK: On Blaine Trump's divorce from Robert Trump: will she get any of his "inherited" money?

Blaine Trump’s decolletage is hardly the reason we are surprised that Robert Trump has decided to finally make the divorce official. The two have allegedly been separated for three years and filed late September, 08, in Manhattan Supreme, for divorce, even though the couple lives in Millbrook. Robert is said to be trying to fight the venue. I wonder what is the basis of her bringing the action in Manhattan County? The CPLR does allow a plaintiff to bring an action for divorce in any county, so long as the defendant does not object within, I believe, 20 days.
Blaine and Robert had been married for about 25 years and did not have a prenup and his brother Donald (as we wrote here is said to be angry with his little brother for being such as fool by not signing a prenup.
Robert allegedly cheated on Blaine, and is now living with his paramour in a house up in Millbrook.
The fact that there was no prenup is a big problem for Robert. That is why we are surprised the Robert didn’t bend over backwards to make amends and patch up the marriage. Blaine’s lawyer is Robert Cohen. He was Ivana’s Lawyer in her divorce from Donald Trump, and I believe he repped Christie Brinkley in her divorce from Peter Cook.
There is some issue about whether Robert’s $200 million fortune is largely an inheritance from his deceased father. In New York, inheritances are off the table. A spouse does not usually get a piece of the other spouse’s inherited assets. So, if it is true that¬†Robert’s fortune is inherited, then Blaine may be out of luck as far as equitable distribution. But to the extent that any portion of that fortune was “commingled” with marital assets, or increased due to any effort by Blaine (as opposed to market forces) she would be entitled to a portion of it.