What to do on New Year's Eve: Don't think about your divorce!

I am sitting here having an elegant flute filled with Champagne, dressed in my thick oversized white towel, with my hair wrapped in another and already an hour behind schedule for my evening out. I don’t usually go out on New Year’s Eve, but tonight I am.¬† I am so excited! Oooooooh! You should see my dress. It’s very sparkly and hides all of my imperfections delectably….The party I am going to is in an apartment that apparently looks right out on the New Year’s Eve ball-dropping festivities in Times Square. So, I can hardly wait. If you are in New York, you might be heading to Times Square as well? Grab a friend and go!
But, so anyway, dutiful New York Divorce attorney that I am, I am thinking about people out there who may be facing the big decision: Ending their marriage. I have said in earlier posts (I am sorry I can’t find links right now and I really need to get better at linking to older posts because I’ve got some really great ones in here) that January is one of the busiest months for divorce filings in New York. And, of course, January begins tomorrow. So it is when minds are going to start being made up.
Until tomorrow comes, however, toss all thoughts of your marriage out of your mind and try to have a happy evening. Have a glass of champagne, meet some friends, or do anything to take your mind off of what is looming.
Life is short. Everything is uncertain. Therefore, live and let live. Find joy somehow tonight. And…
Happy 2009!