Divorce & Manimony London Style: A cautionary tale

Once upon a time, a provocative American dancer and singer moved to London to find love. She found an English man, a friend of a friend who was ten years younger than she, and who happened to be single.
Without much ado, she married him, had his child, and set up a number of homes in London, the English Countryside, New York, California, and a few other places. With him, she also bought a stylish pub in Mayfair which they ran together with some friends. The marriage lasted about 8 years in which time the performer’s networth accreted to in excess of 450 million pounds. They began to have some marital woes.
Then the performer allegedly met a ball player that she thought was sexier than her husband. The rumor mill says that due to their emotional affair, the ball player and the performer wrecked their marriages.  The ball player had to pay millions to his wife and the performer was reduced to paying her husband MANIMONY.
If the performer had lived in America, maybe she wouldn’t have had to pay as much as she did to the Englishman. But she chose to live in London where she nurtured a blue blood English accent. So it turns out that she was made to pay the Englishman about 50 million pounds of her assets – which she paid in property and cash.
He got the pub in Mayfair, the townhouse in a tony area of London, a country house, and more than $2 million dollars in cash.
The performer’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg is reported to have said that her client had paid the English man the biggest settlement in history ever paid by a woman to a man. Says one writer: “Divorce lawyer Andrew Newbury, of Manchester-based law firm Pannone, said Ritchie, 40, could become part of a growing trend of men trying to claim assets from their richer wives when their marriage collapses.”
The moral of the story is, the performer should probably have gotten a prenup. And perhaps she should not have set down roots in England. Although, I don’t think she would necessarily have done better in New York, an equitable distribution state. And in California where she had some real estate, that is a community property state and everything earned in the marriage would be split 50/50. So ounce for ounce she would have paid through the nose either way she had cut her teeth.
So the moral for women like the performer is, get a prenup. For men like the Englishman, keep in coming. This is the best way to invest the family jewels.