The baby: Unwed Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson have a son named Tripp but is marriage a wise idea?

Op-Ed Is a summer Wedding for Bristol and Levi a good idea?
Former Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin is a grandmother now that her 18 year old daughter Bristol and Bristol’s boyfriend Levi Johnston, have had a baby. The photos of baby Tripp are expected to fetch upwards of $300,000. There’s a lot of drama going on in the Palin Clan in addition to the new baby (and dealing with baby Trig who has down syndrome.) For example, Levi Johnson’s mom was busted for selling or trafficking oxy contin or some other drug. As if it’s not enough, now the pressure is on for the teenagers to get married. Is this a good idea? Should Bristol marry her baby daddy Levi just because, well, other people say she should?
As a divorce attorney in New York City, I have seen a lot and heard a lot, and one of the things I hear a lot, is how hard marriage is to pull off. I think it is a very antediluvian notion that just because two young people get themselves into a bit of a fix and a baby comes about, that they have to get married. I think it is a very bad idea to get married because one’s girlfriend gets unexpectedly pregnant – especially when one is as young as Bristol and Levi. I don’t think marriage to cover up an unwed pregnancy is kidding anybody but themselves. There has to be a more solid reason to marry than just a pregnancy.
Bristol and Levi have a lot of time ahead of them, and a lot of work raising the boy, whom they have named “Tripp.” But rushing into marriage just because Tripp is here just doesn’t seem wise. It seems more intelligent for Bristol to concentrate on finishing school, handling her parental duties, and working on her relationship with Levi. She and Levi ought to share custody of the boy and hold off on marriage till they are older and can make a more informed decision when the pressure is off.
Obviously, many people marry their high school sweet heart, but many people cringe when they think they could have ended up marrying their high school sweetheart, given how much they change over the years. At that young age, it is hard to really know what one wants, and what one needs. By the time many of us mature, we are but a shadow of the person we were in high school – and many of these high school sweethearts grow apart and end up getting divorced. 
Bristol and Levi have so much growing up to do, so much self-discovery to complete. By the time that process is completed, they may find that they are either a) right for each other or b) wrong for each other. But if they are wrong for each other and already almost boxed into this marriage because of careless, youthful mistake, the outcome is pretty obvious. They will end up in divorce court.
Whereas if they wait a bit, parent Tripp, finish school and take a bit more time to know themselves and each other, they will likely make a more informed decision. Marriage is such a grave thing and should not be entered into lightly. People should stop putting so much pressure on these young people to formalize this relationship with marriage. They have already made one mistake with getting pregnant prematurely. I just don’t see what sense it makes to encourage them to compound it.
This, after all, is not 1950. It’s 2009. Many children grow up in single parent homes and do just fine. Sure, I have always said that the two parent mom/dad home is my idea of the ideal. But in Bristol and Levi’s case, they are so young, I think they can share parenting duties, and figure out at their own leisure whether they want to formalize this relationship with marriage – without every body dipping their nose in their business.