How to divorce a politican revisited: Wife of congressman Tim Mahoney files for divorce amid an FBI probe that he illegally hired his mistress

What is a political wife like Terry Mahoney to do after she finds out that the FBI is probing her husband on account of the fact that he is believed to have hired his mistress and paid her from the congressional funds entrusted to his care? She files for divorce, of course.
Democrat Tim Mahoney of Florida may have committed a crime when he hired his mistress and paid her from congressional funds. That is what the Feds are trying to ascertain now that they have begun the probe.
Since the investigation started, Mahoney has admitted to have had several affairs, not just the one with Patricia Allen which has him on the hot seat. But he maintains: “My personal behavior has been unacceptable.” But, he said, “I haven’t violated my oath of office. I haven’t broken any laws.”
His wife Terry has reportedly filed for divorce, smashing our assertion in our post titled “How to divorce a politician” that political wives never leave their cheating spouses. Oh well. There is always the exception and this case definitely proves it. Read our post on how to divorce a politician here: