John Travolta's autistic son Jett found dead: Another look at special needs children and their impact on a marriage

We express our condolences to John Travolta and Kelly Preston for the news of the 16 year old son’s death at their luxury estate in the Bahamas this holiday weekend. Jett Travolta was autistic and this only lends to the tragic feel of this loss. Late last year, we wrote a few posts on special needs children:
We worry about John and Kelly because statistics show that having a special needs child can lead to divorce. He was 16 years old so John and Kelly have obviously weathered sixteen years of what was bound to be a challenging experience raising a son with autism. But now, with this unexpected and accidental death, we are somewhat concerned for them. We wish them well in weathering this storm as well, and hope that the autopsy clears up any questions anyone may have.
But dealing with Jett’s death is bound to impact this marriage. Time will tell if their bond is stronger than any challenge or devastation.
All the best to the Travoltas from us.