Ex-Wife bugs child's teddy bear to spy on her husband: another example of what happens when a type A wife's marriage ends

What do you do when you read about stories that an ex-wife twisted off the head of her daughter’s teddy bear, implanted a recording device, sewed back the teddy bear and then ordered the four year old to “carry the teddy bear everywhere” whenever she is with daddy? Is this sick? Or hilarious? Or both sick and hilarious?  Or neither? Or what? Tell me, cause I’m confused. How should I react?
Well, I just read about this story that is apparently coming out of Omaha Nebraska, according to MSNBC. The “victim” Duke Lewton is said to be distraught at the thought that his ex wife Dianna Divingnzzo bugged the little teddy bear so that she could “monitor the visitations.”
So now she is facing charges of invasion of privacy. I don’t think this can be a wiretapping case because there are no wires involved as in a phone or even the Internet. She bugged a teddy-bear. She did not break any federal laws for sure.
But there are laws against intercepting wire conversations by third parties without their knowledge – aka wiretapping cases. If there is no warrant or court order that gives a person the authority to record the private conversations of another person, and such conversations are recorded without the person’s knowledge, it usually is not admissible as evidence. But I should point out that these cases usually involve bugging a telephone, or the making of secret videos in private property that shouldn’t be there, or even Internet interceptions such as emails.
I am not sure about the teddy bear bug to be perfectly honest with you. Is it okay to bug a child’s teddy bear to get information about what the other parent is doing with the child? I am going to go out on a limb here and say I don’t think so. Something seems slightly wrong with this. But I would definitely have to research this one.
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In the meantime, Dianna Divingnzzo is facing a $700,000 lawsuit from her husband and about 5 other people for invasion of privacy.
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