Has Bernie Madoff wrecked the marriage of Walter & Monica Noel?

First of all, who are Walter and Monica Noel? They are just a billionaire couple who got stiffed by Bernie Madoff and reportedly lost $7.5 Billion dollars in the former NASDAQ chairman’s ponzi scheme.  According to Page Six, Walter and Monica have a beautiful spread up in Greenwich Connecticut, and a weekend place in MUSTIQUE  and have about five gorgeous daughters too.
The rumor is that the financial crisis that Madoff sunk them into is wrecking their marriage. I don’t know if this is true or not. Because I know very little about the Noels. All I know for sure is they are filthy rich and I believe a few years back one of their employees, an illegal alien from Brazil who was their gardener, chauffeur and what not, sued them over some worker’s comp case and he won. One of their defenses about why they shouldn’t pay the claim was because he was “an illegal alien.” Of course, that didn’t stop them from hiring him in the first place.
In any event, about their divorce: I CANNOT CONFIRM THE VERACITY OR FALSITY OF THIS ALLEGATION.  But it seems that while I was away for a part of the Holidays in Hartford, the Noels were up in Greenwich feeling some heat about this Madoff scandal and it is totally possible this has put a strain on their marriage. I was reading up a few blogs this morning and even on the Huffington Post, Topix and the New York Post, there is some subtext that Noel was involved in this scheme and that some, if not all the billions in his Fairfield Greenwich Investors fund is really Madoff money that has been pilfered from Madoff’s investors. This is totally crazy and of course, I don’t know if it is true or not – it’s probably totally false. But…
But, so, what has any of this to do with a rumored divorce talk between Walter Noel and Monica Noel? Maybe nothing, maybe everything. Some sources tell me that the Noels are pretty solid and that hell will freeze over before they divorce. Walter and Monica have  five gorgeous daughters btw – Corina, Lisina, Alix, Marisa and Ariane. They and  “all their husbands and children” usually vacation in MUSTIQUE except this year, according to Page Six of the New York Post and some see that as possibly a sign of serious trouble, not only of the criminal nature but also civil – aka divorce. 
Daughter Corina Noel is married Andres Piedrahita whose name is also coming up in this Madoff bust.
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