The rich ugly guy v. good-looking poor guy: who is more likely to divorce you and who will give you a good settlement?

First Wives World had an interesting article the other day. The article is based on a third party study. The premise is that when your spouse is better looking than you are – the husband in particular – that he is more likely to divorce his wife than when the wife is better looking than the husband. They used Angelina, Brad and Jennifer as their example, to illustrate their point. First of all, I think that is so unfair to insinuate that Angelina is better looking than Jennifer. She’s not. They have a different look, but both women are very attractive in their own way. Jennifer looks younger though. And Angelina probably looks lustier.
However, the article did raise an interesting question. Is a wife safer with a rich ugly husband or a poor good looking husband? Well, let’s take each one in turn.
The Rich ugly husband: The rich ugly guy is bound to have a lot of hang ups. Girls were probably mean to him throughout his youth and thought he was a loser and looked on him like he was a piece of turd. If he was really unlucky, he was both ugly and short which means that on top of everything else, he has a Napoleon complex. Now, throw money in the equation and what you are likely to end up with is an angry, resentful, issue-laden, ego-maniacal and insecure bast__d who will make your life a living hell. If you love him, then maybe if you take enough blows he comes around, and eventually he becomes convinced you married him because you are actually attracted to him and not just for his money. If you’re not so lucky, he always treats you like a nuisance, you make him angry, he knows you don’t love him so he uses his money as a pawn to keep you under control. As the years go by, he gets uglier and uglier. And shorter and shorter. And more and more Napoleonic. Finally, when you’ve had your fill of his emotional abuse, you ask for a divorce. But prepare yourself for a nasty blood bath. He will give your your share cause it’s the law. But you will not get it without the final show down in court where he drags your name and reputation through the mud. Not that you are helpless. You will likely fight back too. It will be a circus. Guaranteed. There will be no winners. (Some short guys are nice, like Danny Davito. And some ugly guys are really nice, like, well, we dont’ want to call names because we don’t want to offend. But we should point out that we don’t know any nice guys who are both short and ugly.)
The poor good looking guy: Poor good looking guys tend to be tres hot! They are usually rebels without a cause and could care less if you want them or not, because if you don’t somebody else certainly will. Many of these types usually end up as gigolos and “kept  men” because rich women use them as boy toys and arm candy.  They probably would tend to indulge in a lot of vices such as drugs and alcohol. They probably party all the time. A woman with one of these constantly has to watch other women, including her friends, sisters, mother and boss in case they will steal her toy away from her. She is constantly paranoid if she is not likewise very pretty. Even if she is very pretty, a pretty woman is no match for a pretty man. He has a more elevated status.
Which one of these types makes the best husband? We think neither. They are on the fringe and are bound to bring headaches and problems in one way or another. A woman is better off getting an average guy who works for a living and who treats her well, if not as a Queen. Successful marriages come about when a man treats a woman the way that Barack Obama treats Michelle. For that to happen, there needs to be a bit of balance in his looks, height and temperament. He can’t be too rich, too good looking, too ugly or too short. He just needs to be average. Average guys make the best husbands. That is our opinion and we are sticking to it.
Which is more likely to divorce you? We think the good-looking poor guy. Only because he has so many options.
Who will give the best settlements? Well, that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?