The "toxic" wife and the gentleman husband

Are you a toxic wife who is on the verge of a divorce? We are usually very pro-wife on this blog, but we wanted to do a post about the poor beleaguered, “gentleman” who marries himself a shrew of a wife who poisons his view of all women, and who give the rest of us women folk a bad name. I was just reading this article on UK Weekly Telegraph, and I came away wondering: are there women out there like this? Do they only live in England? Or is this author exaggerating? Because it sounds pretty ugly, and to tell you the truth, if I were a man, I would dump this heifer faster than a speeding bullet. Read this article and tell me if you don’t agree with me:
Honestly, are there women like this out there? My God. You kind of have to wonder what he was attracted to in the first place.  You know?