Bernard and Ruth Madoff's diamond bust: Jewelry a big portion of marital assets

Bernard and Ruth have just been busted by the feds. Again. This time it was discovered that they tried to mail a whole bunch of jewelry to family and friends.
According to Reuters, “One of the packages accused swindler Bernard Madoff sent in violation of a court order contained about 13 watches, a diamond necklace and other valuables worth more than $1 million.”

“Other packages contained diamond Cartier and Tiffany watches as well as a diamond bracelet, gold watch, four diamond brooches and a jade necklace, the government said, offering new details of what they described as Madoff’s attempt to obstruct justice.”
In a high net worth marriage, jewelry can be huge portion of the “marital estate” or the “marital res.”
So the two of them are basically conspiring to “dissipate” marital assets. That’s slightly novel. Usually it’s one spouse who does that so that the other spouse can’t get a piece. In this case, Ruth and Bernie are trying to swindle the government!
Not a good idea, guys. You’re both finished. Expect to be locked up – the two of you – by this time next week at the latest.
I feel bad for the Madoffs. OMG. I really really do. But I am going to say something completely outrageous, and that is: they were STOOPID. If they wanted to “dissipate” the assets, they should have done it before he confessed. What the hell is wrong with these people having this man confess, get him under house arrest and then try to swindle the FBI and the American government?
Excuse my broken English, but “is they crazy?”