Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook squabble over the children: Why it's just frustrated sexual desire

According to the New York Post Page Six, Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook of “acrimonious Hamptons Divorce” fame are back in court over the kids. This time Peter filed a motion, I guess for contempt, to say that Christie is not allowing him ample time with the kids. She apparently withheld 13 year old Jack’s passport so that his father could not take him to Egypt on a school trip. Jack goes to the tony Ross School in Bridgehampton.
Says the post, “Sources said Brinkley was served the papers during a school concert, and threw them up in the air. ‘His latest filing is unfounded, unwarranted and petty,’ she said.” That cracked me up for some reason. When I pictured the whole moment when she was served and she threw the papers into the air, it chuckled me. (Yes, I know it is not a laughing matter, but still.)
But seriously, I hate when parents squabble over their kids. I really think its a sick kind of perversion; a way for them to continue contact with each other that is very subliminal and deep in their subconscious – but it is a form of intercourse for them, you know? They can’t physically have each other anymore. So they use the kids as a way to keep fighting and everyone knows that when a lot of couples fight it’sĀ like foreplay, you know? It’s the same source of emotions and it comes from the same place as physical desire. But it is very perverted and twisted around so they don’t realize it. But that is what they do through their kids. Because they are not ready or willing to let go of each other, of the marriage and of the fights. So pretend it’s about the kids. But it’s about them. It’s about frustrated passion between them. You know?
I mean, not every parent does this. Many have resolved their issues by the end of the divorce and have accepted that the marriage is over and that they are both to blame. But a lot of parents do. They are still sickly into each other on a very bizarre level and their frustration about not being able to pull off the marriage distorts their deep seated and twisted desire for each other, and they don’t want to completely let go so they use their kids as an excuse to still push each other’s buttons and get each other and themselves worked up.
But then again, maybe Christie really feels that Peter couldn’t handle properly caring for Jack in a foreign country – what with Peter’s penchant for Internet activities that cater to the prurient interest and all. I am sure that takes up a lot of his time. Can he really watch Jack in Egypt and get him back home safe to his mother? Does he have enough time? Plus, she did accuse him in the court hearings of using excessive “force” with the kids. And her daughter Alexa said that Peter had shoved her face into a bucket of water.
Peter sounds slightly nutty if the girls are telling the truth. But could he handle taking the boy on a school trip to Egypt? Or should Christie have negotiated that he took a young chaperone?
Whatever the answer notwithstanding, parents should try to work cooperatively and collaboratively for the sake of their children after the divorce. They should not add to the stress of the kid’s life and experience by squabbling over nonsense if that will impact the quality of the child’s cumulative days.