How to make love to your spouse after you divorce him: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston show you the ropes

Divorce Tip:
Brad and Jennifer are full of loving kindness for each other, post divorce. In a recent W Magazine interview, an exhausted looking and aged Pitt says, “there was no dastardly affair. Jen was a big part of my life and I of hers. Jen is a sweetheart.”
Jennifer said in a recent Vogue interview, “I am very proud of him.”
Why can’t more ex couples be like this? It is so sweet, a form of lovemaking, for sure, so tender and so fluffy, like a pillow. So soft…do you think they are being honest? Or does Jen secretly want to slap the @#$tard every time he opens his mouth about how much he loves Angelina?
Never mind that, the point is to act as if, to make love verbally, until you no longer wish him over run by a truck. Believe me, the day comes.
In the meantime, Brad needs to start using anti-aging serum. It’s incredible how since he left Jen, he aged about 20 years right before our eyes, isn’t it? I mean, I love Brad and I am not trying to insult him. But he should look a lot better given that he lives in the South of France. His castle reportedly overlooks the Mediterrenean Sea. They even have a vineyard on the 20 bedroom property. Plus gardens and other pastoral effects. I mean, my god. If that doesn’t young up a person, what the hell will? And what’s the point of living there then? He might as well move to, say, the Bronx. A lot of people in the Bronx look very young even after 50.