Long Island doctor wants his kidney back as part of the divorce settlement

This one will be filed in our “weird divorce news” category, no doubt. But word from Page Six is that Long Island vascular surgeon Richard Batista is suing his wife for divorce and a part of his divorce petition where he asks for “equitable distribution” he is asking for his kidney back. It seems the good doctor had given his wife one of his kidneys when hers failed. But then she turned around and had an affair on him with her physical therapist, and now,  she’s making it hard for him to see his kids.
The doctor estimates that the kidneys are worth approximately $1.5 million dollars and he wants his wife to pony up that sum for it. First of all, that is a pretty cheap kidney, wouldn’t you say? I mean, let’s put it this way: If I gave my husband my kidney, and he subsequently went out and had a “steamy affair” with his physical therapist or masseuse or something, or whatever, within two years of my surgery whereby I extracted my kidney and gave it to him out of love? And, if as the doctor alleges, my husband not only betrayed me in this manner, he purported to flaunt the affair by leaving his lover’s [panties] in the laundry room for me to see? I mean, is he nuts? If this were me? I have to tell you hell would hath no fury, and Fort Knox would not have enough gold. Actually, I think I would lose everything. My law license and everything when I was through with the man.
So, I can’t judge the doctor too harshly, if what he is saying is true. Because if the tables were turned, I would be all over him like a bad nightmare.
But what if it’s not true and, as the alleged paramour according to the Post, physical therapist David Cazalet says, “We’re friends – we’ve never had an affair. This guy is a big monster. I feel bad for her because she is a wackadoo. ”
What if this isn’t true? Then the doctor has really defamed his wife and the physical therapist, hasn’t he? And then asking back for the kidney would really be kind of nuts and low brow. You would then start to question his judgment as a surgeon. Who wants a surgeon, a vascular surgeon, who is nuts? And who would ask his wife back from a transplanted kidney in a divorce action to the tune of $1.5 million, just because the marriage didn’t work out (but not because she had a dastardly affair post-op)? You know?
But, yea. $1.5 million, if it is true wouldn’t be nearly enough for me.  Any man who did that to me would have to get into a witness protection program.  No, seriously. This would be a very large problem for me to circumnavigate. Very large.