ABC's "Lost" star Naveen Andrews wins custody of son: Lesson to baby mamas, don't take the child out of the court's jurisdiction without permission!

Watch ABC’s “Lost”? Me neither. But it’s a hit show as far as I can tell and it’s made a “star” of one Naveen Andrews, one of the lead characters, who just happens to be caught up in a custody battle in LA County Superior Court. I have to say, LA County Superior Court sounds like a very busy courthouse. It’s like an hourly pit stop for every single tv, rap, movie and sports star in the United States. Or so it seems…
But, so, according to TMZ, Naveen Andrews is the father of three year old Naveen Joshua, whose mother is his ex girlfriend, Elena Eustache.
The issue before the court was to change custody on account of the fact that Ms. Eustache took 3 year old Naveen out of LA without court permission as she was required to obtain. She also made some nutty allegations about Naveen’s current girlfriend, whom, according to TMZ, she accused of “practicing witchcraft” and “poisoning the boy.”
Dumb. Obviously, now she loses the child support she was getting from Mr. Andrews now that he has sole custody of the boy. And I am sure that is a big financial loss for her. The trouble is, she had a good thing and she had to go and rock the boat. She had joint custody. She was getting child support.  Why go around making crazy accusations? Even assuming the woman was really working witchcraft, unless she had photographs or legally obtained video tapes of her seances, why go about making these kinds of accusations that you can’t substantiate?
And why remove the child when you were told not to?
This is something I don’t understand about some parents, especially mothers who win custody in protracted divorce/break up cases. If you get custody, this is a good thing. It is an “asset” that has to be protected at all costs. Gone are the days when the court automatically thinks the mother is the better parent just based on gender biases. There is a whole movement called “Father’s rights” now, and women have to be very careful to safeguard their custody. I am not saying not to speak up when you have a real issue that can be proven.
But don’t accuse a man of using witchcraft on his son when you can’t prove it. Nobody believes that sort of thing without proof and you will lose the child becuase the court will think you are clinically insane. And obey court orders. If it says don’t remove the child from the jurisdiction without permission, then don’t remove the child.
Why is that so difficult for some people to handle?